More Filters
20 gallon fish tank with everything you need for a new tank. Includes gravel, decor, filter, air pump, water heater, and cleaning supplies (siphon, net, scrub brush). Filter is a penguin bio wheel 150, and the air pump is a tetra whisper air pump. Filter comes with extra wheel insert. Hood has an led light fixture underneath.
Tetra whisper air pump for up to a 40 gallon tank. Brand new, only removed from box to take picture for listing. Will also include length of tubing needed to connect to an air stone.
Tetra crescent aquarium with led lights on the hood, comes with tetra whisper internal power filter, gravel, and various cleaning supplies.
Meet Siren! Siren is a GORGEOUS female betta and these photos do not do her justice. She's rarely still so it's very hard to get a good photo of her that really shows off how pretty and almost iridescent she is. Siren was a rescue who came to us back...
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